August 19, 2012

The Invisible Institute’s founding statement.

 The Invisible Institute is for everyone.

The Invisible Institute holds a place for mediation within design discourse.

The Invisible Institute practices the art of interactive and lively dialogue related to critical and conceptual design.

This institute is invisible because it resides in our willingness to engage in our own ideas with one another, and not necessarily residing in any one particular physical space.

This institute is visible through it’s visual outcomes of said dialogue.

Relevant dialogue is vital for all members, there are no passive onlookers.

The Invisible Institute is omnilateral education — opening ones self to dialogue reveals that learning and growing is never complete and that there is no absolute teacher and no absolute student.

The Invisible Institute looks to nourish all inquiries related to critical and conceptual design, no matter how expert or novice.

The Invisible Institute is independent of all things and is therefore free to connect with all things.

The Invisible Institute is never complete for its quest for inquiry.

Version 1.0
First presented at Calarts on November 12, 2012